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SSMP210 Wills Kits Crazy Paving - Materials Pack

Product Information $11.95 (NZD)

SSMP210 |

Wills Kits [OO/HO]

Crazy Paving
Materials Pack

4 injection moulded plastic sheets: 75 x 133mm each

Wills material packs give you the means to add on to a kit or to make complete models from scratch. Most packs are flat sheets of plastic materials, with the box steel being the exception. Many of the sheet patterns are designed to match each other edge to edge, allowing you to cover large areas with the same pattern. In such cases we recommend that a sub-frame or backing sheet is used to provide support and strength.

This is a scratch build kit and may be illustrated in a finished state that shows items not in the kit.

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W-SSMP210 Crazy Paving - Materials Pack No (?) $11.95 (NZD) Buy now