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Wills Kits [OO/HO] Lamp Huts with Oil Drums Scenic Series Includes 2 huts with 4 barrels.This GWR design of lamp hut was typical of the sort of huts all railways had for storing and fuelling oil lamps. The huts are of course suitable for many uses, railway and domestic. Area: 44 x 37mm. This... [ read more ]
$17.95 (NZD)


Wills Kits - Lever Ground Frames [ read more ]
$25.96 (NZD)


Wills Kits [OO/HO] Relocatable Equipment Building for Level Crossing Wills Modern - Modular Kit System This kit has been designed for use with the Wills Modern Level Crossing Kit, however it will be a great addition to any lineside scene. The perfect storage solution for repair and... [ read more ]
$17.95 (NZD)