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Bachmann Branchline - E-Z Command 'Dynamis Ultima' DCC System Introducing a new level of sophistication in Digital Command Control (DCC) systems from Bachmann. Combining the features of Dynamis with the Pro Box and more, Dynamis Ultima is the ideal system with which to begin your DCC... [ read more ]
$699.00 (NZD)


Bachmann Branchline - E-Z Command Dynamis Handset Wireless handset for use with Dynamis Pro systems. A total of four wireless Dynamis handsets can be used with the Dynamis Pro system [ read more ]
$179.95 (NZD)


Bachmann Branchline - E-Z Command Dynamis Pro Box Upgrades a Dynamis system to Dynamis Pro specification Features: • Expands Dynamis System (36-505) to use up to four wireless handsets • Programming track output • ECoSlink connection to other devices [ read more ]
$416.00 (NZD)


Bachmann Branchline - E-Z Command Dynamis Wireless Receiver Use with Dynamis Pro system to extend receiver coverage [ read more ]
$53.53 (NZD)