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Peco [OO/HO] Level Crossing Gates 100mm length Two pairs of road gates, wide enough for a double track main line. Plus two wicket gates for pedestrians. [ read more ]
$15.95 (NZD)


Peco [OO/HO] Level Crossing Barriers 50mm barrier length Two barrier arms with fencing. Essential on any modern layout, with dummy warning lamp standards. They can also be used with the Setrack Level Crossing System. [ read more ]
$13.95 (NZD)


Peco [N] Level Crossing Gates with Wicket Gate and Fencing 2 pairs of gates in a pack. Traditional wooden type gates, complete with the usual adjacent wicket gates allowing pedestrians to cross with care even when the road gates are closed. The gates give double track spacing when closed... [ read more ]
$10.95 (NZD)


Peco [N] Level Crossing Barriers with Fencing Pack contains 2 barrier arms. Modern type crossing barriers, complete with dummy light standards. The detailed plastic mouldings include the side fences. [ read more ]
$12.95 (NZD)