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Metcalfe [N] Signal Box Set Main Signal Box (66mm x 26mm) plus 34mm steps Small Signal Box (30mm x 24mm) plus 19mm steps Platelayers Hut (36mm x 17mm) Lamp Hut (19mm x 13mm) A superbly detailed kit. Consisting of a large signal box suitable for mainline use and a small one for level... [ read more ]
$27.95 (NZD)


Metcalfe [OO/HO] G.W.R. Signal Box Kit 144mm x 62mm (area incl. steps) A beautifully designed GWR signal box. It can be built as a red brick signal box or as a stone signal box. The steps can be attached direct to the door or with an extended section for token working. [ read more ]
$46.95 (NZD)


Metcalfe [OO/HO] Small Signal Box [ read more ]
$30.95 (NZD)


Metcalfe [OO/HO] Signal Box Interior Kit [ read more ]
$19.95 (NZD)