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Peco [N] Milk Churns 24 per pack [ read more ]
$12.95 (NZD)


Peco [OO/HO] Milk Churns 24 per pack These attractive scenic items will help decorate rural station platforms, goods yards, and farm entrances. [ read more ]
$8.95 (NZD)


Peco [OO/HO] Packing Cases 6 per pack, various sizes Moulded in natural wood colour with separate lids. A bit of clutter adds a touch of realism around stations and goods depots. [ read more ]
$8.95 (NZD)


Peco [O] Milk Churns Unpainted, made from whitemetal This set of six milk churns will help decorate rural station platforms, good yards, and farm scenes. [ read more ]
$21.95 (NZD)


Peco [O] Porters Hand Trolley and Luggage Unpainted, made from whitemetal A reminder of a time when railway stations large and small employed porters to carry passengers' luggage. [ read more ]
$21.95 (NZD)


Peco [O] 4-Wheel Platform Trolley Unpainted, made from whitemetal For carrying larger loads of luggage and parcels. One could be pulled by hand, or several behind an electric tractor. [ read more ]
$16.95 (NZD)


Peco [O] Sweet Machine & Chocolate Machine Unpainted, made from whitemetal Great addition to any large or medium sized station platform. [ read more ]
$23.95 (NZD)


Peco [O] Ticket,Weighing & Label Machines Unpainted, made from whitemetal An authentic weighing machine, platform ticket machine and a machine that enabled you to punch your name onto metal strip, great addition to any railway platform. [ read more ]
$23.95 (NZD)