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Wills Kits [OO/HO] Hoardings & Bill Poster Scenic Series These large 20th century advertisment hoardings have become part of everyday life, allowing companies to really impress their messages upon the public. This kit contains two big hoardings, three smaller ones together with a bill sticker,... [ read more ]
$17.95 (NZD)


Wills Kits [OO/HO] Garden Sheds Scenic Series 2 'wooden' garden sheds - found in all the best gardens! Area: 57 x 28mm. This is a scratch build kit and may be illustrated in a finished state that shows items not in the kit. [ read more ]
$16.95 (NZD)


Wills Kits [OO/HO] Farmyard Junk Set Metal Accessories A collection of all those things you'd find around a barn or farmyard. Add greater depth with these finely detailed white-metal parts, including wagon wheels, ladder, assorted tools, drums, bags and barrels. Ideal for kit SS30 This is a... [ read more ]
$29.95 (NZD)


Wills Kits [OO/HO] Village Blacksmiths Set Metal Accessories Kit out your forge building with these all white-metal parts, including a horse, farrier, grinding wheel and assorted tools. Ideal for kit SS31 This is a scratch build kit and may be illustrated in a finished state that shows items... [ read more ]
$29.95 (NZD)


Wills Kits [OO/HO] Workshop Set Metal Accessories If you model some kind of industry on your layout, you should consider putting in some machinery. The kit includes all unpainted white-metal parts including a lathe, pillar drill, work bench, electric motor with belt drive system, and three... [ read more ]
$29.95 (NZD)